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We know board games are fun, but Crokinole has been been such a huge part of our family and life. Fond memories and friendships built around the board have lasted lifetimes. We’re committed to help you build the same experience, whether it is through out top quality boards or replacement parts, our 30 year experience with the game will be there for you. We’ve helped the world discover Crokinole. Join us in promoting it!


About Us

My father, Wayne Kelly, began research on the game of crokinole in 1986. Having been an avid fan of the game since he was a six-year-old, his interest in the subject was heightened when—to his surprise—he found there was almost no recorded history of the game. Following sixteen months of research and the kindly assistance of several dozen radio, television and print media stories that featured his search for the origins of the game, The Crokinole Book appeared in 1988.

Since that time, Wayne had contributed greatly to the resurgence of interest in this 140-year-old game by promoting crokinole as ‘wholesome family fun.’ With so many tens of thousands of board games appearing during the past century, there are relatively few that have stood the test of time. Wayne maintained that crokinole is among those very few, since it is a game that can be learned in five minutes (yet may take a lifetime to master), a game that is not shackled by age, gender, skill or cultural barriers, and a game that a six-year-old and his 96-year-old great-grandmother can play together, and both have fun!

Wayne Kelly passed away in 2016, leaving a void in the game world and in his family. Moved by his passion and the fond memories built over the years, I have vowed to continue his work and keep the flame burning for this great game.

Caleb Kelly, son of Crokinole

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