The Player's Guide to Crokinole
Publication # P-2

The Player’s Guide to Crokinole is the latest offering from outstanding Ontario crokinole contender, Derek Hale. With several years of admirable, tournament, competition and experience at the annual World Crokinole Championships™ behind him, Derek’s keen eye has produced a very desirable and interesting publication that describes ‘winning technique’ strategies from a unique and refreshing perspective. In a manner not previously considered, this 64-page publication allows the experienced player—and student of the game alike—to quickly progress through some of the winning strategy methods that every great crokinole shooter must have in his or her ‘game plan portfolio.’ Derek takes the reader swiftly into singles competition, where the development of clean, accurate ‘snapping’ of discs hastens even the novice toward the development of becoming a skillful shooter, then capable of entering the two-team (four-player) ‘doubles’ where alert team members may compile their strategies to emerge victorious. Illustrated with more than three dozen crokinole graphics, The Player’s Guide to Crokinole is bound to be a fine ‘training manual’ for many years to come. Publication # P-2, $ 14.95

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