Customer Feedback

“The four boards arrived yesterday. They are great! It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Your promptness restores my faith in humanity.”
- D.L., Outing, MN

“Thank you for the quick delivery. I will certainly recommend you to any friends who may want a board. The board you sent was a good deal for the money.”
- C.K., Denver, CO

“The ‘Maitland’ hand-made board is excellent. It arrived safely and I have already enjoyed many hours playing on it.
- J.M., Surrey, England

“Hooray!!! Hooray!!! You have made this purchase truly enjoyable.”
- M.N., Riverside, CA

“The antique carrom board we purchased from you is more than we expected. Thanks you for your incredible service. My husband can’t leave it alone.”
- D.B., Pasadina, TX

“ My friends and I now have ‘crokinole fever.’ The board is fantastic! Thank you for making this possible.”
- T.P., Dresden, Germany

“Boy, are you good! Your turn-around time is fabulous.”
- R.E., Montclair, NJ

“Thank you for your North America toll-free phone number. Chatting with you about the history of the game not only answered many of my questions, but helped decide which board would best suit my family needs.”
- K.N., Tampa,FL

“ The board arrived today...simply a superb packaging job. Thank you very much.”
- S.F., West Hartford, CT

“I purchased a ‘Grey Owl’ crokinole board from Mr. Crokinole. Unfortunately it arrived with damage caused in shipping. I told Wayne about the situation. He said ‘No problem, I’ll send you a new board;’ and he did. The integrity and fairness of this man is incredible. I would buy from Wayne again in a heartbeat.”
- R.G., South Salem, NY

“My crokinole boards are truly beautiful. All our Korean friends love this game.”
- B.C., Seoul, Korea

“Your wonderful board arrived on Friday. This was exactly what we were hoping for.”
- P.C., Brookline, MA

“My tournament board arrived right on schedule. It was simply a pleasure dealing with you.”
- R.T., Baton Rouge, LA

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the board we received from you.”
- J.C., Middletown, PA

“The two tournament boards arrived last week. They are fabulous! I’ll let you know how they work in the behavioural study I plan to do with them here at the university.”
- J.M., Barcelona, Spain

“The 9 boards we ordered from you to give as gifts to family and friends are simply wonderful. It looks like we will be starting our own tournament here in Utah.”
- A.W., Ogden, UT

Thank you for your kind comments. Your observations about our products and services are always welcome.

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