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Are you looking for a specific crokinole or crokinole/carrom combination game board? Perhaps you collect these wonderful works of art, or you are hoping to rekindle a memory from days-gone-by? Possibly we can help you find a game board that will accommodate your desire.

Over the past 20 years Mr. Crokinole (Wayne Kelly) has had more than 7,000 antique and vintage crokinole boards pass through his hands. Hundreds of serious collectors, interior decorators, museums and game enthusiasts from around the world have found what they seek from our revolving inventory of old crokinole and carrom boards. (We also carry many other old wooden game boards: bagatelle, checkers, Chinese checkers, mini-pool- and shuffleboard-type games and more from the 1880s onward.)

For a listing of some of our antique and vintage boards currently available, please visit our Clearance Items section.

Please have in mind the particulars that will help us identify your desire:

  • What shape board are you seeking? (octagonal, square, round)
  • Are there different games played on each side of the board or simply crokinole and/or carrom?
  • What time period (decade) is involved? (1880s-1970s)
  • What colour, peculiar markings or special features may be involved?
  • Are you seeking a specific manufacturers product?
  • Where might your nostalgic or dream board have been originally purchased?
  • Did you use wooden rings or solid wood discs to play the game(s)?
  • What other features about the game board might help us identify something for you?

If we are presently unable to fill your request, we will put your name on our Wanted List and inform you when we have located a board that may suit your needs.

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